Veterinary Ultrasounds


The Importance of Veterinary Ultrasounds

Why would your pet need an ultrasound?

Your pet may need an ultrasound to further evaluate internal organs when abnormalities are found on a physical exam, bloodwork, or Xrays. Ultrasounds are an invaluable resource for evaluating internal organs. The abdomen can be evaluated for the presence of tumors, fluid, and pregnancies. The heart can be evaluated for function and size. This information can then be used to determine appropriate treatments and prognosis.

When would my pet get an ultrasound evaluation?

Your pet typically is fasted and should have a full bladder at the time of the evaluation. The exam is well tolerated and pain-free, though, on occasion, your pet may need to be sedated for the procedure. Fur may need to be shaved to give the best results.

How does an ultrasound work?

An ultrasound directs a beam of high-frequency sound waves into the area of interest. The sound waves either transmit through, reflect, or absorb into the tissue. Any ultrasound waves that are reflected return as echoes and convert into an image that is displayed on a monitor. These images are evaluated to determine a diagnosis.