Digital Pet Radiology on a screen



Radiology, or x-rays, are a commonly used and valuable diagnostic tool. They non-invasively and painlessly provide information about contrasting tissue densities and bone structures.

Why would my pet need x-rays?

X-rays provide a look below the surface that will aid in the diagnosis of your pet. They may be used along with other tests to provide a diagnosis, monitor treatment, or as a screening tool for senior wellness exams to ensure your pet is healthy. We are equipped with digital x-rays that provide the best quality of x-ray imaging. 

When is it appropriate for x-ray testing?

There are many reasons why we may recommend radiographs. To name a few, a coughing pet or a pet with labored breathing may need x-rays to evaluate their heart and lungs. A vomiting pet may need x-rays to evaluate the gastrointestinal tract for an ingested foreign body or abdominal tumor. If there has been blood in the urine, an x-ray can provide information about the presence of bladder or kidney stones. Broken bones and arthritic conditions are evaluated with x-rays as well as many other conditions. During dental procedures, x-rays provide invaluable information about disease below the gum line telling us if there is a need for tooth extraction.