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Fall Time is Coming! Is your yard pet safe?

Aaaah Autumn is here.  Crisp air, crunchy leaves.........and new dangers for your pet! Fall time is a fun time to get outside with your dog. However, there are some things to consider when letting your pet outside. Catch up on fall dangers for your pet by reading our Fall Time article.

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Up in Smoke

Think E-Cigarettes are safer then regular cigarettes if your pet gets a hold of it? Think again! Due to the sweet smell, the nicotine used for E-Cigarettes can be more enticing to your pet. Read more about the dangers of E CIGARETTES and if you suspect your pet ingested liquid nicotine, call your veterinarian or Poison [...]

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Lead Toxicity

Yes lead toxicity is a real problem for pets and can be very dangerous. Click LEAD TOXICITY for an easy to read chart on the causes and symptoms on lead poisoning in pets.

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Cat Marking

Cat marking (urine spraying) can happen anytime of year, but is very prevalent in the spring. New cat's in the neighborhood seen or smelled by your cat can start marking behavior. Even indoor cats viewing another cat through the window or open door can start this unpleasant behavior. For more information on cat marking and [...]

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Dog Behavior- What’s Normal and What’s Not

We all know that dogs will be dogs. However, sometimes we question their behavior. If you have a "problematic" dog and want to find out if your dogs behavior is normal or not, read our article NORMAL DOG BEHAVIOR.

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